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Napisano 25 październik 2008 - 11:04

witam,mam napisac rozprawke na temat "konflikt pokolen"-generation gap.

Moze ktos sprawdzic?

The generation gap is occur for ages. The kids or middle-aged people usually have a different opinion about the life, habits or war than adults. The opinion is changing all the time.
First of all, a big different is between behaviors and habits. The elderly people are calm. For their, better idea is going to church and pray to God than have a party with friends and drinks a lot of alcohols like younger people. Secondly, kids rather have a different goals than parents. For childs very important is for example: play with friend or go to party but for adults money and happy family.
Another problem of generation gap is war. People will always fight, it's in our nature, I'm afraid. The territory, which now belongs to one country, used to be owned by the other one. They are fighting about the land and people living there. It has been their tradition for centuries. First, one of the centuries invades the other country's territory and then they capture its capital so the enemy soldiers have to retreat. Later, the first army attacks and the second defends their country. Finally, they will agree to meet for peace talks and try to negotiate a peace settlement. Then hopefully, a ceasefire will be agreed. Always it's seems like that. We all have to avoid conflicts and work for a more peaceful life, for another generations.
Apart from this, very important is where we live and how we educate another generation, I mean our child. Before XIX century the most kids were lived in the country or in the suburbs. They had only a couple kinds of entertainments for instance: play football with friends, help in farm or cleaning cowshed. It's seems ridiculous, but it's true. Now, they are living usually in city. Furthermore, they can play on the internet, go to cinema or visit website on the internet. Moreover technology is had really improved in the short time and we still expand our knowledge about it. That's great.
In conclusion generation gap have a lot of advantages like also disadvantages. The new generation always will be different than before. They recognize a new ideas, improve skills of technology. So to sum up life never will be the same.

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