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Cabinet need to do channel maintenance

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Napisano 30 listopad 2015 - 06:38

Cabinet market demand change

With China's economic development has entered a "new normal", the cabinet industry also into the normal stage of development, development slowdown, profits era gone. In today, the cabinet business is still facing several major problems of development, the company has only a paradigm shift, to grasp market trends,stairs for tall decksin order to achieve new breakthroughs in the "winter" period, to seek more long-term development. Study the market demand cabinet companies break the "winter" Since 2015, many cabinet companies in the production, marketing, sales have experienced a bottleneck situation of declining performance appears.

In the fierce competition in the industry situation, the most important thing is to find the most fundamental problem. Taken together, the cabinet industry currently has the following problems: First, industry overcapacity, most cabinet companies in the development process play the "expand" brand and price wars, however, because the threshold is low, more than similar competing products, making some companies product oversupply.2x6x12 tongue and grove pine decking Second, over the past decade, real estate is developing rapidly, people are more concerned about the way of life and comfort, and some cabinet manufacturers can not keep up with the pace. Cabinet business in the face of restructuring will involve more than the objective conditions of production, raw materials, sales channels, it is difficult to quickly change. Third, the business of product development trends and the main consumer groups 80,90 understanding is not in place, it is difficult to understand today's market demands.

Insiders said: "Made in innovative products and research and the humanity of the real business of life, the economic situation has not been affected, but has become one of the" dark horse Therefore, enterprises should adhere to the "green design", from materials. "" design concept, the implementation of eco-friendly sustainable development. In the future, environmental protection concepts and innovative products will become the market trend. Paradigm shift more exchanges and youth Moment, 80,90 people have become consumer force, understanding cupboard style and product preferences of young people,patio furniture using vinyl fencing is the gateway to a new era cabinet business keys. 80,90 thought acceptable speed, innovative thinking, logical thinking change rapidly, the ability to accept new things too fast. However, most of the cabinet business bosses 60, the lack of communication with young people, the main consumer properties consumer 80,90 understanding is not in place, still steeped in the traditional business model.


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