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Cabinet market demand change

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Napisano 30 listopad 2015 - 06:39

B2B to stop home building

2000, Chengdu, home building materials market is facing the transition, has 10 years of industry experience, the traditional home of nine positive injection technology CEO Wang started her entrepreneurial path Internet electricity supplier. 15 years, nine positive have a certain reputation and influence in the industry, but toC part of face decoration and design is still in an advisory based. Follow the development in this year began to try landing,common wood plastic composite Krai the creation of nine positive home customized service platform, is committed to providing a standardized user for the home improvement, transparent one-stop home product customization services. Why to customize as the entry point? Nine positive COO Zhu Yuanping mentioned: custom home is now in the home improvement field of consumer demand is growing.

Such as Chengdu, decorated with half a pack and a full packet-based, much to custom items. But because the diversity of different materials, size dimensions, prices opaque phenomenon, and because customized production cycle is too long, the installation will be a lot of after-sale problems,make with composite lumber resulting in the industry is not standard nor guaranteed. So, nine positive in order to solve these pain points, by virtue of their experience and resources, in terms of price, quality, brand choice is mainly these features: 1, third-party manufacturers direct supply: nine are relying on years of resources to integrate, the removal of intermediate agents chain, reduce distribution segment due to the increase generated. 2, the service secured transactions: the user when signing the contract at least 20 percent of the purchase price is hosted in the platform side, nine positive vendor delivery time according to the quality, materials and services, and then to ensure that the funds paid to the vendor, in order to protect quality of service user rights and offline.

3, when manufacturers install third-party platform supervision team to site supervision, and will issue a report to the user supervision. 4, in order to protect the user selectable and comparability, in consultation nine positive based on their needs and budget prices for the product to match the three brands, and a free on-site measurements and quotes from these three brands. In addition, by combining online and offline, nine are trying to establish the line museum in the community, in order to facilitate a better user experience. Nine positive liquid store via Virtual Reality technology,about composite panels suppliers AI enhancement technology, digital technology and so achieve 3D virtual reality experience, data processing product information, product images of the show, so that users have full autonomy rights, and you want to improve the efficiency and security mass effect.


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