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Light-colored flooring selection tips see the details do not be fooled


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Napisano 01 grudzień 2015 - 10:07

Full decoration beauty light-colored, solid in the world not only give people the perception of tranquility and warm family atmosphere, but also to reflect an elegant and fresh atmosphere, giving the whole interior light and lively visual experience.
Light-colored wood floors can be visually gives a warm, natural feeling, pure wood materials foot feeling warm, real and natural, and it presented the natural wood grain gives a return of more life experience pure space.
Classification colored floor
Light-colored wood floors generally lacquered stripes, two winged beans, falling gland beans, oil mahogany, iron hematoxylin, mountain olive wood, milk and other more common mulberry, different materials with different solid wood flooring is a characteristic decoration how more provinces money? Home improvement network, offer free design budget. Stripe lacquered materials such as high density, pest resistance, corrosion resistance, and two winged beans uniform texture, high strength, wood color pleasing to the eye; light-colored floors and elegant color uniform, concise, to give people a comfortable family feel.
See floor durability
Compared to the dark-colored floor floor, to show signs of wear more easily, so need to look at when buying floor paint plate wear resistance and hardness of the standard floors, wooden floors guarantee wearable initial value should reach above 6,000 rpm.
Buy light-colored floor to see the details
Optional floor needs to be done to look at, wood floors can not help but have the presence of knots, knot proper home can enhance natural feel, but too much material existence can only exhibit problem, too, in the purchase of needed fully tested material waterproof, stain and wear resistance, ensure product quality clearance.
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